Thursday, August 28, 2008

Project Kickoff Presentation - Merchants Tea and Coffee 08/08/27

David Samm, Helen Samm, and Alan Ford held the kickoff for their 2008 Munsch a Bunch for Literacy tour at Merchants Tea and Coffee in Camrose, Wednesday night August 27, 2008. They will be cycling about 1200km from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Camrose, Alberta to raise awareness and funds for literacy programs.

It was a fun filled evening. About 30 people attended the presentation.

David explained..."I have a new bike, so I will be riding faster, farther, and longer."

Ken Rayment explained how important it is for fathers (and grandfathers) to read to children!

Along the way, David, Helen and Alan will be stopping at schools to read stories, talk about literacy and give away autographed copies of Robert Munsch books. A favorite story is "Zoom", which our literary cyclists act out at each school.

"That wheelchair is way too fast" says mother.

"ZOOM" says David as he races by in 25th gear!!!

The crew leave Camrose for Winnipeg by van, September 3, 2008. They will leave Winnipeg by cycle for the return journey on Friday September 5, 2008, and hope to reach École Sifton School in Camrose on September 12.