Thursday, October 2, 2008

Final Post for Chapter 3 - 2008

Helen Samm came into my office yesterday to talk about the trip. She told me about how much fun they had, but also the struggle that they had this year with the weather and the headwinds. She also said how surprised she was from the funding that is coming in from all over western Canada. Somehow the word is spreading. To date they are at just over $12,000 in donations. It's not too late!!! If you decide to make a donation, please click on the "Donation Form" link on the right of this page.
Here are a last couple of photos.

Helen getting ready for her shift. The team rides in 20km intervals then they take a break. Here they are just after lunch - somewhere in Manitoba......

David Samm - Somewhere in Saskatchewan - look at the nice WIDE, PAVED shoulder......

The group hit Birtle Elementary School on a Monday morning. The Principal, Mrs. Hickman (photo left) was full of energy and enthusiasm! Helen went to elementary school in Birtle, and while the school has been re-built, the town and area brought back lots of memories...

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the Munsch A Bunch adventures.

See you next year!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Home to Camrose

Our hero's arrived at Sifton School Friday afternoon to a welcoming crowd.

David and Helen act out "Zoom" one more time.....
Thanks to everyone for their support and donations!!!
(Thanks Louise for the photos...)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2008-09-10 Colonsay to North Battleford

Dave called today from the “Edge of the Highway” West of Saskatoon, on the way to North Battleford.

The weather has changed. There is almost no breeze today and it is a lot warmer. Dave reports that they will make good mileage today.

Last night, they stayed in Colonsay, and this morning, they presented at the Colonsay School to the Playschool class as well as grades 1-4. As usual, there was lots of excitement. An older student who was hearing impaired also attended. She had a teacher using sign language to interpret the play.

The school slogan is “Feeling the Horsepower” so David is calling today “Feeling the Horsepower Day”. The team had their photo taken with a student wearing his “Feeling the Horsepower” tee-shirt.

One small hiccup today with some poor communications. Helen was directed to a shortcut road that was supposed to be mostly paved with a little bit of gravel. She rode over 10k on rough gravel before getting back on track.

With the improved weather riding is a lot easier and a lot more fun!! If all goes according to schedule, the team should reach North Battleford by tonight.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2008-09-09 Foam Lake, Saskatchewan

The presentation to Birtle School on Monday went very well. The Gym was packed, and the local newspaper, (The Crossroads), was there to cover the story. About 180 kids listened to "Zoom". One of the questions that David asks the students is if they have ever heard of Robert Munsch. It turns out that almost all of the kids know his stories.

David was explaining that Robert Munsch tried seven times to have a book published before his first book was accepted. The kids said - "Hey, we should add him to our FAILURE POSTER. This was a project done by the school. Names on the poster included people like Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, and Dr. Seuss... all of whom had many failures early in their career. David said he thought the kids really connected with the concept that you should not get discouraged if things don't go right the first time.
After the presentation, our team took to their bikes for the 220km ride to Foam Lake Saskatchewan. The weather continued to be challenging. Cold weather and strong headwinds, continued to make the ride interesting.

Click on image to enlarge.

In spite of the weather, the team arrived in Foam Lake Tuesday Morning.

Tuesday Morning, the day started with the usual Sunny Boy Cereal. Sunny Boy is a local Camrose firm, who provides some sponsorship.

I spoke to David just after their presentation to the grade 1-3 students of the Foam Lake Elementary School. There were about 70 students. Everyone enjoyed the presentation. The kids always enjoy our teams version of Zoom.

From Foam Lake, the team heads to Cononsay, Saskatchewan for another presentation Wednesday Morning.

As a final note, David told me a funny story about one of the grade 6 kids at Robert H Smith School in Winnipeg. David asked the kids if they remembered when they learned to read. Once kid put up his hand. David asked him when he had learned to read. The kid said "I learned how to read last Wednesday". Intrigued, David asked if he new what time Wednesday he had learned how to read. Apparently it was about 1:30pm last Wednesday.......

Sunday, September 7, 2008

2008-09-07 - Birtle

Our Team has had a rough ride. The weather has not cooperated. A severe headwind has made the ride interesting to say the least. Saturday night was spent in Neepawa, Manitoba. They learned that Neepawa was the home of famous Canadian Author, Margaret Laurence. If you are like me, you will remember struggling through "The Stone Angel" in school.

Allan Ford with the Munch Van in front of Margaret Laurence's House in Neepawa.

The team arrived in Birtle Sunday night, and are looking forward to the school presentation Monday!! That's 320 kilometers from Winnipeg.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

2009-09-06 - On the Road.

No word or photos today. We hope the crew are 200km or so West of Winnipeg.
Hope to hear from them tomorrow.

Friday, September 5, 2008

2008-09-05- They're Off!!!

The tour began in earnest today from Luxton School in downtown Winnipeg. Luxton School is over one hundred years old and one of the oldest schools still in operation in Winnipeg.
Our heroes read the book "Zoom" to more than 250 students from grades 1 to 6.
After lunch, they visited another school, that was a late addition to the schedule.
École Robert H. Smith School is a french immersion Elementary School with more than 450 students. (I think David just wanted to delay his departure....we'll see if he is really going to ride "Farther, Faster, and Longer" on his new bike......)
They have a long road in front of them. Their next school is 392km away in Birtle Manitoba.
Attempts at getting photos of the action today were thwarted by FOIP (Freedom of information and protection act) Apparently, just as the photo's were being emailed, the teacher realized that a few of the kids in the photos had not had the appropriate forms completed by their parents...) I hope we can get more photos soon.