Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2008-09-09 Foam Lake, Saskatchewan

The presentation to Birtle School on Monday went very well. The Gym was packed, and the local newspaper, (The Crossroads), was there to cover the story. About 180 kids listened to "Zoom". One of the questions that David asks the students is if they have ever heard of Robert Munsch. It turns out that almost all of the kids know his stories.

David was explaining that Robert Munsch tried seven times to have a book published before his first book was accepted. The kids said - "Hey, we should add him to our FAILURE POSTER. This was a project done by the school. Names on the poster included people like Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, and Dr. Seuss... all of whom had many failures early in their career. David said he thought the kids really connected with the concept that you should not get discouraged if things don't go right the first time.
After the presentation, our team took to their bikes for the 220km ride to Foam Lake Saskatchewan. The weather continued to be challenging. Cold weather and strong headwinds, continued to make the ride interesting.

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In spite of the weather, the team arrived in Foam Lake Tuesday Morning.

Tuesday Morning, the day started with the usual Sunny Boy Cereal. Sunny Boy is a local Camrose firm, who provides some sponsorship.

I spoke to David just after their presentation to the grade 1-3 students of the Foam Lake Elementary School. There were about 70 students. Everyone enjoyed the presentation. The kids always enjoy our teams version of Zoom.

From Foam Lake, the team heads to Cononsay, Saskatchewan for another presentation Wednesday Morning.

As a final note, David told me a funny story about one of the grade 6 kids at Robert H Smith School in Winnipeg. David asked the kids if they remembered when they learned to read. Once kid put up his hand. David asked him when he had learned to read. The kid said "I learned how to read last Wednesday". Intrigued, David asked if he new what time Wednesday he had learned how to read. Apparently it was about 1:30pm last Wednesday.......

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