Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2008-09-10 Colonsay to North Battleford

Dave called today from the “Edge of the Highway” West of Saskatoon, on the way to North Battleford.

The weather has changed. There is almost no breeze today and it is a lot warmer. Dave reports that they will make good mileage today.

Last night, they stayed in Colonsay, and this morning, they presented at the Colonsay School to the Playschool class as well as grades 1-4. As usual, there was lots of excitement. An older student who was hearing impaired also attended. She had a teacher using sign language to interpret the play.

The school slogan is “Feeling the Horsepower” so David is calling today “Feeling the Horsepower Day”. The team had their photo taken with a student wearing his “Feeling the Horsepower” tee-shirt.

One small hiccup today with some poor communications. Helen was directed to a shortcut road that was supposed to be mostly paved with a little bit of gravel. She rode over 10k on rough gravel before getting back on track.

With the improved weather riding is a lot easier and a lot more fun!! If all goes according to schedule, the team should reach North Battleford by tonight.

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Sean said...

Hi Guys,
Those shortcuts can always be a bit tricking. Ask my dad to tell you the ones he used to take me on when we were skiing together. Have a good time at the school today and see you all tomorrow at Sifton.
Take it easy,
Amy...with Sean and Ruth in Camrose